One Device To Bring Road Tripping and Music Together

If you spend most of your time on the road, the one gadget you need for survival, and ultimately the protection of your sanity, is the 42 000 Station Car Radio.

Imagine a long road trip, with or without passengers to keep you company. You will need music. And lots of it, depending on the length of your trip. Now, usually my biggest complaints with car sound include the limited number of songs you can listen to. You might have a sufficient amount of songs, but changing discs constantly is not only tedious, but dangerous too.

So, you end up listening to the radio. My issue with listening to radio stations while driving is that it can go one of two ways. The selection of music they play is either not something you would have chosen for yourself, and you end up going from station to station, growing more agitated with the amount of bad music that is available.

Alternatively, you could end up with a talk show station that somehow manages to capture your attention, making you either pay no (or little) attention to the road, its safety, the scenery. You realize at the end of your trip that the main objective, the one thing you really wanted to do while driving, was listen to some good tunes. Feel free to kick your butt if the latter happens, although the chances are slim in this scenario playing out in the first place (For me, at least.)

So, what do you do? You buy a this very nifty device for only $59.95, additional $6.95 for signature gift wrapping if its a present, and you follow the very simple instructions carefully. The device is capable of recording content from over 42 000 Internet radio stations when connected to a home computer or laptop via the USB cable included in the package. Simply work with the software, and download your choice of content from the pre selected internet radio stations around the world.

By content I mean songs, podcasts, voice notes, etc. Once you have filled the 2GB memory, which will roughly hold for 45 hours, you simply plug the device into your vehicle’s 12 volt power socket in order to transmit the content to the car radio, using an unused FM frequency. Alternatively, you can plug it into the car stereos with auxilliary input using the cable included in the package.

The device is compatible with Vista, XP, Windows 7, and Mac, and will ensure that you always have much loved tunes to grace your ears while hitting the open road. For more interesting Sound and Music related articles, feel free to read more about the Medicome Toy BearBrick Speakers for your iPhone and iPod or The Rocky Sound System: Eye Candy for Music Lovers!.

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Via: The Hammercher