An Apple Application that Can Create Models in a Virtual Space

Sculptors have traditionally used real world articles – be it clay, plastic, marble, or wood – as a medium to sculpt their works of art. Sculpting a model from a object material gives an artist a ‘hands on’ control of his or her work. In the internet age, with iPhone, iPad, and Android apps allowing users to do just about anything with their mobile devices, digital is the new clay. Imagine being able to glide your fingers across a touch sensitive device, such as an iPad, and sculpting a model. The Beautiful Modeller iPad app allows a sculptor to model their creations with nothing more than an iPad and a laptop. And the best part is, both professionals and amateurs can use this app.

The Beautiful Modeller is an amazing app that converts an iPad into a blank canvas. The user can then use the tablet PC to model their creations. One reason why it is amazing is that the app is extremely simple to use.

When the modelling app is turned on, the iPad screen goes blank and five green dots emerge on the screen with a square and a blue box on the bottom left of the screen. The five dots serve as a gestural device that enables the user to sculpt or design a model. The user could use one finger at a time or all five fingers simultaneously to sculpt. The blue box is the leveller that allows users to shift the location of the green dots within the model.

The Beautiful Modeller is not only simple to use, but is also highly intelligent. The app connects the iPad to a laptop which serves as the visual interface. In other words, as the user works on the iPad (which is a blank screen) the laptop displays the model. Any change or modification the user makes is simultaneously displayed on the laptop. It is like moulding a sculpture in a virtual environment.

As far as design programs go, the sculpting iPad app is definitely not the first of its kind. Software programs such as AutoCAD allow designers to model 2D and 3D objects. The drawback with software programs is that you would have to learn the software in order to work on it.

The Beautiful Modeller takes us back to the good old days where sculpting a model needed only your hands and expert fingers. You can check out the modelling app on

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