The Monstrous Jet Bike from Maddox!

If you know who Bob Maddox is then you probably would know how crazy he can get with his creations. No doubt about the fact that he has been one great motorcycle inventor but man you need to know the limits.

At times you can create things that can be monstrous and hazardous but hey, what if the biker wants something like that? Basically, we can’t really blame Maddox here. Actually it was another enthusiastic (or should we call him another crazy) biker who wanted Maddox to create a bike like this.

I am not quite sure what the other biker wanted him to create but this is what Maddox came up with. To be honest, I am quite happy about one thing which is that Maddox didn’t really compromise the style factor for the sake of the functionalities. The bike looks good and quite stylish.

What’s so different about the bike?

If you are a biker then I am sure you would be excited to know that the bike is equipped with a jet pulse engine which means that it can run on nearly any type of fuel. Maddox has conducted around 5 test rides on it and he says that the bike can go up to 60 mph in around 5 seconds. Now this is what has disappointed most bikers out there. I mean nearly every sports car or sports bike can go up to that speed provided it is of a good brand and meant to be speedy. That’s nothing so unique so why should we say it is?

When I saw the pictures for the first time I thought the bike could go to extremes but well, it can’t. Although Maddox says that the bike literally wants to pull your arms out and that the engine is so loud that it can damage your eardrums. So what I am thinking of is that why would anyone want to ride a bike that can damage his ears and arms and still will go on the same speed nearly most of the bikes do? I think only Maddox can answer that one or maybe there is something better about the bike which Maddox hasn’t revealed yet!

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