24 Craziest Captchas

Internet users are no strangers to the captcha system meant to ensure that the response is not generated by a computer. However, the question “Are you human?” when created by an innocent server or simply by a mean administrator, can be outrageously funny.Here is the list of 25 weirdest and craziest captchas you should pray to God that you would never encounter any of them when you are in bad mood. If you do, don’t forget to take a screenshot and share it with your friends on Facebook.

“Hot or Not” Captcha

The most effective captcha is the one that offers a challenge that only a human can solve, and what could be more human that spotting hot chicks? The administrator is quite smart here also. If only were the girls a little bit hotter, the system would have been flooded by those perverts who would create 1000 accounts a day just to see the captcha.

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Alien Captcha

If your first reaction to the command “Type the text from this image” is not “What text?”  you are probably not human.

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Captcha from Hell

Any normal human being who has ever attempted to get something from Rapidshare as a non-paid user must agree with that: Rapidshare captcha is among the worst. Anyone able to solve this captcha deserves 10 year premium Rapidshare download.

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Perverted Captchas

Some captchas, on the other hand, seem to be able to read your mind and get quite perverted. The leader in this trend is probably Facebook. Did the protagonist of “The social network” find his new hobby?

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Depressive Captcha

Pretty much depressive for those who live on Internet, and Facebook is just trying to rub it in. Oh boy, get a life!

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Barney Stinson Captcha

This is one legend-wait-for-it-dary captcha that “How I met your mother” would go crazy over. This is what the author called the new trend of creating out of captcha, or captchart.

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Gay captcha

Are you human? FAG? We don’t want to be racist, but the captcha look like it’s Swedish.

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Einstein Captchas

Those captchas, if real, exist for a sole purpose is to increase the suicide rate of Internet users, given that all captchas require you to solve them in a short span of time. Thank God they are just the products of Show-off-your-crazy-captcha Day.

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Mean Captcha

This one is pure evil. Who needs a chicken to help you answer the question: Are you human?

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Funny Captchas

Some captchas sound like a toddler who is willing to repeat whatever his drunk parents spit out. No matter how embarrassing they sound, they can actually make you laugh.

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