Angry Birds Figure Replica Made Out of Lego

The latest sensation is the Angry Birds game! You know how awesome these games are if you have played them and once you start playing them, you can’t stop as they are very much addictive. And if you are addicted to them, here is some good news for you.

Chris Beukenkamp has designed this awesome Angry Birds figure made completely out of Lego. I’m pretty sure if you love these games, you will be very keen on getting hold of all the possible angry birds collectibles that you can. So don’t miss out on this one, as it has been designed brilliantly and looks great. Chris mentions on his blog that he is not that great at creating MOC’s, but I would like to point out to Chris that this is an excellent replication of the angry birds character.

Chris has taken care of every small detail and getting a round shape of a design using Lego is not very easy, but Chris seems to have achieved this perfection. This Angry Birds Lego figure replica looks great and makes for a great showpiece be it on your desk, coffee table, or by your window in your room.

This awesome Angry Birds Lego replica figure by beuk also makes for a great gift to friends and family especially if they have played this game before and are addicted, not necessarily, but they surely will appreciate your gift and remember that you gave them a gift that they actually like and will not have to go back to the store to get it exchanged. And every time you visit your friend, you will remind yourself of what a great friend you are!

Another great use of this Angry Birds Lego figure replica as a showpiece could be to remind you to play your daily game, if you are caught up in some work and playing your daily dose of the game can relax you and make you concentrate and focus on your work much better, given that you will be able to resist the temptation to play the game only for a limited amount of time to get back to your work!

Chris also mentions that it took him a while to complete this figure, Im sure the rest of the figures from the Angry Birds games, if designed by you will turn out to be equally awesome as this one.

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