17 Geekiest Cutting Board Designs

Kitchen is probably the last place you would expect to find something geeky, and a cutting board is probably the last thing any geek would think of as a gadget.

However, with an immense love for food, geeks around the world are trying to find a way to “upgrade” cooking process with fun stuff, say a cool cutting board.  Check out 17 geekiest cutting board designs below for an idea to impress your Mom.

Eco-Friendly LCD Cutting Board

Nardo Design’s new digital concept is a declaration that even something as old as a cutting board can get quite hi-tech. It features a flexible LCD screen to display cooking instruction while you prepare the food. To make it even more desirable, the board is made entirely of environment friendly components including the lead and bromide free circuit board and the non-toxic chromium handle. Unfortunately, it’s still a concept.

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Foldable Cutting Board

To facilitate the food transferring, Antony Joseph has designed a foldable cutting board which is divided into three segments. The bigger central one is meant for cutting, and the two segments on either side fold up when the handle is pressed so that the food can be transferred straight off the board into your cooking pots easily.

Cutout Cutting Board

Transferring food into the cooking pot after cutting is never easy, and more than one cutting board designs have been introduced to make the process smoother. This time, the cutting board from Chris and Ruby is made with a round cutout for plates and is raised up slightly allowing the plate to slide right under.

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Oxo Good Grips Folding Cutting Board

Oxo Good Grips Folding Cutting Board is a polypropylene board which is hard-wearing, odor resistant, and blade protecting. The black non-slip edges provide a stable surface flashing your knife skills. The best thing is that you can fold the board in half to direct all the ingredients neatly into the pan after finishing.

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Index Cutting Board

Any hygiene-conscious cook would know that we need to use a board to cut veggie, a board to cut fish, a board to cut raw food, and another to cut cooked food. Things can get quite complicated sometimes. To avoid that confusion, a beautiful set of 4 index cutting boards are introduced. They are tabbed and color coded in a stainless storage case.

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iPad Cutting Board

This super cool iPad cutting board features laser engraved cooking icons on the surface, similar to those you see on a real iPad screen. Not only does it look like one, it’s also made of the same size as an iPad. Perfect for cutting apples, isn’t it?

Apple Macbook Cutting Board

If not for its wooden look, this cutting board could be well taken for a 13 inch Macbook Pro. To satisfy Apple devotees to the extreme, the board is also made from apple wood. And just like any Apple product, it doesn’t come cheap. Prepare yourself for a loss of $54 if you want to bring one home.

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Pac-Man Cutting Board

The Pac-Man cutting boards, probably inspired by the chowing sound of those pesky ghosts, are made of wooden strips in end-grain style to prevent the knife from cutting the wood fiber. Sold at $165, these cutting boards are three times more expensive than the expensive Apple one, as they are 100% hand made.

Space Invaders Cutting Board

The aliens from the famous movie have failed to invade the Earth and now become captives under the knives of your kitchen! These geeky Space Invaders cutting boards were hand made from walnut and hard-maple, released as limited edition and therefore are highly collectible.

Mario Cutting Board

Believe it or not, this amazing Mario cutting is a result of a DIY project. According to the creator, the board is made from walnut, maple, cherry, and birch, put together by mineral oil and beeswax for food safety. The wooden pixels had to be glued one row at a time, together with a lot of other meticulous steps.

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Zelda-Inspired Triforce Cutting Board

This Zelda inspired Triforce cutting board is a perfect combination of excellent quality and awesome design with amazing triangle based theme. Like most high end cutting boards, it is made from walnut and hard-maple in end -grain style.

Puzzling Cutting Board

If you find cooking itself not puzzling enough, try this “Piece It Together Cutting Boards.” The set consists of two parts that look like two pieces of jigsaw puzzle and can actually be interlocked like in a puzzle game. You can either use each of them separately or join them together to make a bigger board.

Hello Kitty Cutting Board

Hello Kitty is so beloved to girls that whenever there are girls, there are Hello Kitty related products. It’s not surprising that the little kitten also follows us into the kitchen under the shape of a cute cutting board.

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Guitar Cutting Board

This guitar shaped cutting board is very likely to make cooking as fun as music to your hands. More than just an aesthetic look, the guitar handle also provides a comfortable place to grab and hold.

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Bottle Cutting Board

Food and drink go along more often than you think, and this bottle shaped cutting board can make your food preparation much more interesting. The text on surface says “May your glass always be half full.” It also comes with a corkscrew spreader.

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Chuck Norris Cutting Board

A bit of humor from this cutting board will add real fun to your cooking. “Chuck Norris cuts without a board. You are not Chuck Norris” so you better spend $35 on this Chuck Norris board.

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Astronaut Cutting Board

While it’s doubtful that this astronaut cutting board can bring a giant leap to your cooking skill, a seemingly 3D laser-engraved astronaut image on the cutting board can draw you geeks into the kitchen once in a while. They are also available in Vespa, Skier, and Diver versions with correspondent illustrations.

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