Thundercats Lion o My Little Pony

Okay before I start with this one, I want to tell you that Liono has been one of my favorite cartoon characters of all time. I don’t like anyone messing around with Lion o.

When I first heard about this Lion-o pony from CustomValley, I was actually a bit furious and thought that it would totally rip off the macho image of Lion o but it didn’t. In fact, now I am quite glad to tell you all that this Lion o pony is quite cute.

I am not exactly sure what the pony is all about, whether it is actually a pony version of the mighty Lion o or it is a pony designed for Liono to ride. I think the first guess is right. This is a pony version of Lion-o and well, I am sorry to say but it does not quite go with the theme. Although as I said earlier, I do like the pony, still I think it needs a lot of work. I mean think of it – you are designing a pony version of Lion o or a pony for Lion o so you need to make it more masculine than feminine. And this is what exactly is wrong with this pony. This one looks quite feminine as if it is a pony version of Chitara.

I seriously wished it could have looked as macho as Lion o do. Look at it man, it’s so feminine. The long tail, the long eye lashes, and the soft looking body, that’s not what Lion o is all about or is it? Lion o is a mighty warrior who with his sword can slay anyone who comes in his way. He is aggressive and he has the violence streak in his eyes. But this pony is too cute to be Lion o.

Anyways, if you look at it the other way round and think of it as just a pony with the Lion o theme then it is a bit bearable. If you are a Liono fan then don’t even think that this is the Lion o version because it will seriously make you go nuts.

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