Star Wing Remixed Wallpaper and Artwork

Let’s talk about some gaming today. We all love gaming and of course, if the game is good then there can’t be anything better than that. I remember when the first time I played Star Wing, I was a bit suspicious as to how good the game actually would be.

To be honest, I am not a fan of cartoonic games. I prefer more of the serious action games such as Contra Force, Super Contra, and so on. But, I will agree that when I played Star Wing, it was completely a different experience.

Although it has been a long time when I played the game, the memories of the exhilarating experience are still there. And, when I saw this artwork of Star Wing I, was completely amused and the memories were revived for a while. This artwork belongs to Martjin Van Dam and let me tell you that this one is not something he designed right now.

It is actually a very old project. The designer says that it was last year when a German publisher asked him to contribute to a new game pertaining to book releases. The goal of the designer was to take an already existing game and mix it up into something new.

Well, and when the designer thought over the project, he immediately recalled the classic Nintendo game ‘Star Wing’ which is one of the favorites of nearly all Nintendo gamers. So, that is how the idea began and keep reading to know what happened next.

Like I said earlier as well, the game was something really superb back in 1993. The Super FX graphics which were integrated in it back then really rocked the gaming world. Although today we have 3D games, still you can’t really forget these classic games.

Anyways, the book never did really get published but the designer completed his job. This project is from his archives which he remembers as one of his favorite projects. For sure I agree to that because these drawings are quite neat and at the same time have the effect of making you nostalgic! Lovely work!