A Hands-Free HD Sport Camcorder for the Tough Nuts!

If you are one of the ‘Whacked-Out Sports’ kinda guy then surely you might understand the woes in capturing the first person’s view of your stunts and perils, but this new camcorder- the HD Action Sports Hands Free Camcorder promises to put an end to all such woes, all thanks to its “Hands-Free” feature. Sport HD camcorderIts often quite difficult to capture the first person view while you are cycling, snowboarding, skateboarding, scuba diving, or just fooling around, partly because of the unconventional design of a standard camcorder, its bulkiness and also the fact that such things are far more delicate than most other gadgets, so usually such camcorders end up capturing the local football game or the dumb games played at a picnic. What the stunt generation really needs is a sturdy cam that is as tough as the guy upon whom its being mounted upon.

A cool camcorder is what we need- featuring a 130º wide angle fixed focus lens to ensure every detail is captured, waterproof housing which spells good news for the water sports enthusiasts, a 5 MP CMOS capturing video and audio in 1080p HD resolution, (1920×1080, 30 fps) and finally a micro SD card compatibility up to 32GB.

It also features a cool water-resistant remote for easy operation, and G-sensor that measures speed, angle of movement, and acceleration, which is just too cool. All of this could be yours at a slightly heavy price tag of $299.99, but hey your video might make you more than twice the amount on any reality show!

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