The Ultimate Radar System for Your Rides – The Cobra iRadar 100

If you are one of the boys, you love your gizmos and you love your rides. And when the two of them are mushed together, they give birth to some of the most awesome gadgets in the market! These gadgets are chic, powerful and so smart that they are an inch away from reading your thoughts! One of these thingamajigs that has taken the world of geeks by storm is the Cobra iRAD 100! Once plugged into your car, it sniffs out radar and laser guns from miles around keeping you safe from both- being pulled over by the cops or mobbed by a gang of goons, alike.

The Cobra iRAD 100 is essentially a radar detection system that does its job precisely. It is intelligent, user-savvy, and as its tagline- ‘Detection Evolved’ suggests, it has absolutely evolved with the times. This way, it keeps false alarms at bay, while helping you go for long-drives that are safe and without interruptions. For instance, its City/Highway mode is completely in sync with the fast and diverse urban world of today. The City mode screens alerts and keeps the device from beeping as a result of detecting automatic door-openers. Whereas, the Highway Mode can give you instant and speedy alerts just when you need it on a busy intersection or on the highway itself!

Apart from its sensitivity to user needs, the Cobra iRAD 100 has left its competitors far behind by including an optional iPhone app. Though it works plenty fine even without this application, coupled with the iPhone Bluetooth wireless technology collection, it helps you reap its manifold benefits! Dubbed as ‘fascinating’ and ‘ingenious,’ it acts as a remote controller for the iRAD 100. It is replete with a host of technologies like GPS that demarcate speed traps and give you red light camera location alerts. It allows you to pin-on all radar bands which includes POP detection, and even alerts you on over-speeding. You can even check on log alert history, and it makes control settings easier and accessible. Besides, being a state-of-the-art radar detector, apart from giving crystal clear and loud alerts, it also gives visual warning through your iPhone as it gains access to the AURA database while in the Map View, that is 100% verified and changes are automatically upgraded.

Other features include indicating the level of threat. When the threat is closer and bigger, then volume intensifies.

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Via: Cobrairadar