Sony’s VAIO Signature Collection For 2010 Holidays!

With the evolution of computers from the huge and bulky boxes to the laptop and then Notebooks and Netbooks, the world has got to see several changes in the computer accessories, its look and its usages.

2010 Signature collection

The latest and perhaps, the best instance of it in the present time is the very recent Signature Collection 2010 of the Sony VAIO. With the color, design, style, and texture, it seems that the designers of this Signature collection were determined to show the world something really new and sophisticated.

There are myriad of options for the buyers both in the colors and in the prices of these computers. So, the striking factor about this new collection of the Sony VAIO computers is that together with cutting the prices of its products, it is adding a new charm and style to its look, rather than compromising on this regard.

The wide ranges of colors introduced in the Sony VAIO Holiday 2010 Signature collection are black/pink, black/gold, Bordeaux, Red, etc. So, the buyers, whatever the age group they belong to, will find these good enough to suit their taste and personality. The lowest priced of all of its newly introduced computers is the 13.3″ Sangria Red Y series the cost which starts at $789.99 only.

Then there are 14″ VAIO EA series computers in black/gold and black/pink colors, the prices of which are $969.99 and $999.99, respectively. The costliest of all, in this collection is the Glossy Premium Carbon Z that will charge $4,699.99 from you.

Sony VAIO Holiday 2010 Signature

However, in addition to the new design and the very classy textures, these notebooks are attracting the attention of the spectators because these are limited in edition. As a very limited range of computers are made available for supply, the buyers seem to be in a real haste to grab a piece for them.

So, altogether by combining all good factors like lowered price, newly introduced look, limited supply and availability of laptops in all sizes, the Sony VAIO has kept the business mantra good enough to be fruitful. The buyers can even find mini laptops in the beautiful new designs of the collection the screen sizes of which are only 8 inches. All designs and colors of the laptops are available for purchase at

This way, the Sony VAIO Holiday Signature Collection 2010 reflects style, a new fashion and luxury, all packed in a nutshell.

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Via: Sony