Canned Unicron Meat – When Fantasy Becomes Reality

We all have our own fantasies and often zone out into our fantasy world, where everything is perfect. Most of us do believe that in our fantasy world where unicorns exist. Well may be here is a chance for all the people who believe unicorns exist to try out their hand at this product.

For those of you who don’t believe unicorns exist, we all need food to survive and some of us are daring enough to try new foods. So here is your chance. You chance to try some unicorn meat. Wait, if unicorns don’t exist, how on earth can we have unicorn meat, right? Well, in today’s time, anything is possible!

Radiant farms have produced this delicious unicorn meat, which is canned. The can comes in a size of 14 ounces, which is canned so that it preserves the taste for you, whenever you decide to eat it.  This unicorn meat can is imported from a small independent cannery in country Meath in Ireland. Well here is a twist to this product. This unicorn meat cannot be eaten, when you open the can, you will find dismembered stuffed unicorn in a can.

Some people might think that’s a bummer! But hey, you can show this off to your friends and show them how you have been able to get hold of unicorn meat, and trust me you will be considered cool by the people who believe that unicorns exist. Or otherwise you can also use this as a show piece at home, to make all your visitors notice it and exclaim to you, “where on earth did you find that??!?!”

I think it’s a great product for all those people who believe or don’t believe in unicorns as it can be used for a variety of purposes as mentioned above and comes for a price of $11.99. And for all you people who believe unicorns are magical and sparkly, this is the right product for you to get as the meat pieces are sparkly and will spread the magic into the room and the atmosphere when you open this can of unicorn meat!

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