Walyou Random Roundup [November 20, 2010]

Walyou Random Roundup for November 20, 2010 has Star Wars, Google Voice App, Mark Twain, Hermoine Granger, Ping Pong Trainer, Gran Turismo 5, Halo’s Master Chief, Angry Birds, Super Mario Bros, Pacman and more. We hope you enjoy the roundup and have a wonderful weekend.

ping pong trainer

1. Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars — A Public Service Announcement (Asylum)

2. 25 Pics of Bizarre Japanese Packages (Holy Taco)

3. Mark Twain: 5 Things Men Should Know (Ask Men)

4. The Table Tennis Trainer (GadgetHim)

5. Girls and Beers of Oktoberfest (Dark Roasted Blend)

6. A (Very Accurate) Vision Of The Future (Geekologie)

7. 20 Photos Of Attractive Ladies In Hermione Granger Costumes (MTV)

8. Super Mario Bros Vs. Pacman (WiiNoob)

9. Classy Trash: Antique Metal Objects as Modern Table Lamps (Dornob)

10. The History of TV in Catchphrases (Neatorama)

11. Funny Japanese Airport Security Spoof (DJ Mick)

12. Gran Turismo 5 Is Out In November — This Time For Real (PS3Maven)

13. Dog Gods, aka Major Canine Cuteness (Lemon Drop)

14. Elecom Unveils Wireless Actrail Headphones For iPod Shuffle (Geeky Gadgets)

15. ViewSonic Pocket Projector, 3D Camcorder, 3D Frame Introduced (DeviceMag)

16. Master Chief Dons Red, Blue and Orange in New Lego Sculpture (XboxFreedom)

17. Angry Birds 2 & Angry… Pigs for iOS & Android In the Making? (TFTS)

18. Google Voice finally allowed on the App Store by Apple (Geek With Laptop)

19. Kids’ Halloween Fight in East Oakland Denny’s, Vid Goes Viral (URLesque)

20. Penbo – The Penguin Robot for your Kids (GadgetHer)