Convert Analogue Music to Digital with the iRecord Music

If you grew up in the 80s, you would have had a collection of music tapes and video cassettes (just as this writer did). To play those and tapes and cassettes you would have had stereos and VCRs as well. Analogue was the everyday technology of the glam decade. Then came the internet age and with it came a digital wave. Everyday media such as music, videos, photos, books were all converted into digital avatars. Music tapes and video cassettes have long disappeared and stereos and VCRs are available only in museums.

The personal collection of tapes and cassettes could only survive if they could be turned digital. Over the years, there have been numerous analogue recorders that converted old school content into contemporary digital files. These recorders have been largely low key as they were not easy to operate.

iRecord Music is a new age analogue recorder that is blessed with a compact, portable body frame and a very easy to use interface. Roughly the size of your palm, the iRecord functions more or less like a USB stick. It can transport analogue content to any mobile phone or music player, be it an iPhone or iPod, with the press of a single button, albeit a red button.

A user can connect the iRecord Music to any stereo or tape player by plugging in the line out jack of an audio source to the audio input of the portable analogue recorder. Next, connect the phone or music player to the USB host of the iRecord. The status LED on the recorder will go from orange to a solid green. When the light is green, press the red recording button and the analogue recorder will do the rest.

The iRecord Music will record the entire contents of the music tape to your phone or music player. The portable analogue recorder is compatible with a wide array of audio sources such as cassette players, internet and satellite radio, TV, set-top boxes, CD/DVD Players, and LP turntables. The palm-sized recorder supports audio codecs such as MP3, AAC, WAV, and FLAC.

Recording music is the primary feature of the iRecord Music. The USB recorder can also serve a variety of other functions as well. It can be used as a USB storage device, a basic mp3 player, and can be used to record lectures, speeches, and podcasts.

The iRecord Music is a must have if you have music tapes that need to be converted into digital files. At the price of $79.95 one can avail this gadget.

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