Classic X-Wing Lego

Talk about two of our most favorite things combining to make one superb astonishing vehicle! Wouldn’t that be cool? Of course that always is, so what I am presenting to you today is a classic X-Wing built with LEGO bricks! Now, check out the pictures and see it for yourself how cool this thing actually looks.

At first, I was quite surprised and I actually though that it is a digital model but later on when I dug it, I got to know that this is actually a minifig-scale X-Wing LEGO model by Marshal Banana. Marshall says that his idea was to create a very accurate minifig scale model that has all the important features in harmony.

Yes, he did it and this is what exactly he created. His fans love it and so do we because this is possibly the best minifig we have seen till now. Oh and let’s not forget that the wings actually fold up automatically. Marshall says that he used the same mechanism that he did in the UCS model. But, he improved the mechanism a bit and with the new mechanism, you can actually flip the fighter upside down. There won’t be any impact on the wing position as Marshall puts it!

Also, the minifig is integrated with a retractable landing gear along with a fully closed opening windshield. Now, isn’t all of that fascinating? To me it is! Seeing one of the most popular aircrafts (imaginary) of all time being converted into a LEGO is quite cool. And also, what is appreciable here is Marshall’s love for these crafts.

I personally think that he deserves a big round of applause for whatever he has done here. Not many people out there go out creating things like these. Moreover, when it is about the old school stuff, it does not only make you feel good, but you also get a bit nostalgic looking at it.

That is exactly what I am feeling right now and I am loving the experience actually. Great work MarshBrall! Keep it up and keep amusing us with your talents!

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