Enclave 5-in-1 iPad Case from Brenthaven

Of all the iPad cases I have seen till now, this one is surely my favorite. If you really want an iPad case that is spacious and has numerous functions, then this one from Brenthaven is what you should go for.

Not only is it multi-functional, the case also is pretty stylish and sexy. There is so much about this case that I guess I would need to break up this post into sections!

I really like the color because it is decent yet trendy in its own way. The case is available in two colors; metallic black and bronze and you are seeing pictures of the bronze one. The black one looks okay but the bronze one is awesome. Especially the black straps on bronze look quite sizzling. The case is made from a polycarbonate shell with a rubberized texture so don’t worry, it won’t slip away from your hands. It has a good grip and is quite sturdy as well. Your hands won’t sweat even if you are holding the case for an hour and I can guarantee that!

Oh I forgot to mention that this case is known as the Enclave 5-in-1 iPad case. I am sure you would guess it out real quick why the ‘5-in-1’ part has been added to the name. Of course, because the case has multiple functions such as the front case removes. You can slide the front part over to the back case and work on your iPad. Also, the strap there provides a real strong grip. All you need to do is put your fingers in the strap and you will have a firm grip of the case. It can also be transformed into an iPad stand. The front slot basically works as the stand. Just put your iPad into the slot and use the case as a stand to watch your favorite movies. Also, the strap at the back works as a strap to hang your iPad wherever you want to.

Now, guess what’s the best part about it? The best part is that you get all of this just at a price of $59.95! Isn’t that amazing?

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Via: Gadgeteer