Laptop Stand Review: Introducing the LapDawg X4

There are many Laptop stands available that will provide you the regular solution, but if you are looking for extra practicality and usefulness, the LapDawg X4 provides a simple and extremely flexible one. laptop stand lapdawg x4 gadget

We had a chance to try out the LapDawg X4 Laptop stand and were impressed by its look and practicality. It is lightweight, simple to use and provides many possibilities that allow you to use the stand while sitting in bed, on your sofa, while laying down and also as an actual Table when ready to watch the game in front of the TV.

laptop stand lapdawg x4

When we took the stand out of its box, it seemed too simple to really deliver the goods, but we were mistaken. The LapDawg is made of durable anodized aluminum and has many angles and abilities, which after a few minutes of messing with it, noticed it was also really precise.

notebook stand lapdawg x4 design

The LapDawg X4 is made up of the actual flat surface made of course for your Notebook computer, current book you are reading, hot meal or anything else you have a use for (maintaining weight limitations). To that surface, there are several foldable legs to each side, that in turn, grant a lot of flexibility to the angle and height you want it set at. Moreover, the movement joints on the LapDawg actually include exact degrees that lock precisely to the 15th degree. Furthermore, they can be rotated completely 360 degrees, meaning it is extremely adaptable according to the user’s size and height and can be moved to each specific need.

laptop stand lapdawg x4 iamge

The best part was that it wasn’t difficult to handle and adjust to our specific requirements. It has an easy to use ‘button’ for the specific legs that when pressed (and held), unlock the legs and grant ease of adjustment. This also makes us breathe a sigh of relief, for if we have a hot cup of coffee on the stand, we wouldn’t want those legs to give.

notebook stand lapdawg x4

The LapDawg X4 runs for $89.99 and arrives in a beautiful and sleek midnight black matte finish. Since it is foldable, flexible, lightweight and portable, it is also very easy to store when not in use and makes for a great item for Notebook geeks.

notebook stand lapdawg x4 gadget

For those who are really good in the work shed, they could always try to build a Laptop Stand, or if they prefer one for actual long drives, the Laptop Car Mount could provide a viable solution.

laptop stand lapdawg x4 design