The Second Life Mobile Phone Concept

You were in a hurry this morning and shoved your cellphone into your pocket without plugging it into the charger at all. The battery levels weren’t exactly full then, and it is fighting a dying battle right now.The bright display screen, the colors, the sounds- every single component suddenly turns against you and begins unnecessarily draining your battery as your cellphone clings on for dear life. Wouldn’t it just be smart if your cellphone would cancel out and tone down on unnecessary leaks of your phone battery when it is in red, without troubling its functional performance?

This is exactly what the Second Life Mobile Phone Concept is all about! Keeping in mind the tribulations of battery life, Japanese designers Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae came up with this idea. Trekking on the recently booming path of transparent gadgets, these young whizzes used this technology to create an android phone along with the technology of E-Ink. This allows the phone to incorporate a double display.

Depending on the level of battery, the phone alternates between using the two types of display. The AMOLED screen spectacle is on when the phone is on active mode and on standby; it switches to the E-ink ‘Eco’ mode to save on battery. This mode uses very little of the cellphone’s energy. Apart from this, the phone’s E-ink display wanes and the screen loses color and becomes clearer as the battery becomes weaker. This not only saves the battery life as it dwindles but also let you know when you ought to begin using your phone more judiciously. This acts as a caveat and a constant reminder so you do not have to fret at the moment of necessity and scramble for your charger. Chic and sleek, today’s phones do not get any smarter than this.

Besides this smart vibe, people all over the world have been drooling and admiring the clear hardware of the phone. Tech geeks are full of praises for the Second Life Mobile Phone Concept and are aesthetically speaking, too beautiful to overlook. The design is genius and marvellous and has people wondering where the nuts, bolt, and various other basic building blocks that are elemental to make a gizmo went. To the surprise of many, it is fully functional and phenomenally futuristic! So make a fashion-cum-tech statement with this miracle thingamajig and three words- Glow with it!

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Via: Yanko Design