The Solar Camcorder: Capture the Essence of a Sustainable Life

We like to capture special moments that occur in our life be it the first time your kid rode the bicycle, or your wedding anniversary celebrations or a party at your place, so that we can relieve those moments later in life. No pleasure can be compared to when looking back at memories of pictures and videos.

On another note, we are trying our best to be as sustainable as possible so that our future can be in good shape. So here is a product that will help you revive old memories and also help you do your bit by conserving energy. The product Im talking about here is a camcorder that runs on solar power.

The product called the solar camcorder can be helpful when you are running out of battery and have to shoot a very important scene or something else. The solar camcorder has a sunshade that opens up doubling the shade and will give you a boost of battery power of 12 minutes for every hour the sunshade of the camcorder is exposed for an hour. So when you are running out of battery power you don’t have to go running around to find a power outlet, instead just open up the sunshade and get a boost of a little battery power.

The camcorder has a 12 megapixel resolution recording with a 8X digital zoom and records video I HD video in 720 x 480 pixels at 30 fps and has the capacity of holding a memory card up to 32 GB (which needs to be purchased separately), and this solar camcorder also takes pictures like every other camcorder at 4000 x 3000 pixels. This solar camcorder comes for a price of $129.95.

The solar camcorder is a great investment, as it looks really cool and when you flip up the sunshades people will certainly wonder what that extra accessory on your camcorder is. And when you tell them about the solar power absorption for batter power boost, trust me, that will make them think about your initiative of being a responsible citizen and will make them take a step to be responsible.

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