Magnet Chess Game

The concept of having a magnetic chess case is not entirely new. When I was younger, they sold mini-magentic-chess pieces at the dollar store. However, there were two problems with this. The first being it too small for even our children fingers to play with and the second, the pieces were so small that they were ten times easier to lose. This chess set that is for sale takes away those two inconveniences, mostly because it is normal sized.

magnet chess

One of the reasons for having a magnetic chess piece opposed to a normal one would be because of travel purposes. It’s convenient to not have the chess pieces roll around everywhere when you are in a moving car- if that is where you are playing chess. It would also be good for playing in the park- especially on windy days, or in case your table gets knocked slightly by passing by kids. Granted, the magnets won’t stop your pieces from being messed up if it takes a hard hit, but unlike normal pieces, there is a less chance of getting knocked over.

Chess Magnet

The magnets also allow for the game to be easily relocated. Without worrying about dropping the pieces or messing up the current placement, you can simply pick up the board and go to wherever it is you want to play. The chess board is also designed for traveling and storage convenience. When folded in half, the board serves the purpose of a box, where all the pieces can easily be placed in. This gives the pieces a less of a chance to get lost.

This board is definitely a lot more expensive than those dollar store magnet chess games, but in the end it is worth the buy…at $99.95.

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