8-bit Hand Coasters are Handy

If you’re bent on decorating your house with as many nerdy things as possible, and who isn’t? really? then a set of 8-bit hand coasters might just be the thing to help you along.

You’ve got to hand it to Meninos, they really have a monopoly on cool 8-bit cursor-shaped houseware. We’ve talked about their set of magnets with various hand gestures, from the Vulcan salute to the classic thumbs up. We also love their 3-d cursor hangers that stick out of the wall in a decidedly surrealistic way. They certainly didn’t disappoint us with this new set of zoomed-in pixelated hand cursor coasters.

hand coaster 1

While these hands don’t quite resemble classic computer pointers we grew up with, their open shape is much better suited for the job – they’ll definitely get a good grasp on your drinkware. The 8-bit hand coasters also appear to run on the small side, but they’re definitely big enough to take on the duty of protecting your nice hardwood coffee tables from being damaged by water glass condensation. Of course, this isn’t a problem if you have a glass table or a plastic IKEA affair, but it’ll still protect you from water rings that take forever to clean off (especially since glass tables are the most annoying things to clean, period).

hand coaster 2

Being made of rubber, they shouldn’t stick to your tumblers either – which eliminates the awkward coaster-stuck-to-bottom-of-glass problem often found in bars using cheap paper-based coasters. Maybe I’m the only person who’s ever considered this a seriously embarrassing problem (especially if the coaster drops off while you’re about to take a drink), but at least it’ll never again be a problem. They’re also washable and reusable, so your guests can never again used the excuse of the coasters being “too pretty” for their cups to rest on.

hand coaster 3

As simple as they look, there’s one thing that isn’t apparent from the pictures, and that’s the fact that they’re also flexible! I don’t know why, but flexible things are infinitely cooler than their rigid counterparts. I have a flexible ruler and a flexible cutting board, and they’re so much more awesome than the standard versions.

The coasters look pretty well-built, and coming in a 6-pack for $19.99 they’re quite a bargain. Even if you don’t actually need to use them, coasters are sort of a freebie when it comes to showing off your artistic tastes at home, so I’d just leave them scattered around my table as decoration.