Marvel Mashup Cake

It is not uncommon for people to have themed birthday parties, and as a result Superhero cakes often make an appearance. So much so that we tend to forget that making cakes can also be an art form. Then a cake, like this one by TheTopping, comes along defying the generic appearance of cakes; and we are reminded again. This cake takes a more abstract aspect of the Superheroes.

Whole Cake

The background of the cake features city buildings that mimic the ones that are seen in comic books. They are completely black, and the only details that can be seen on them are the windows, which are yellow. The purpose of these buildings in a comic book is to fill up space, which is why the buildings appear to look like shadows, except for the lights which are intended to show an active night life of a city. This style of background has become more than just a filler of space, but an indicator of the comic book style. This is probably why the baker decided to add it together with the cake, especially since a “background” is not really necessary for a cake design.

The cake design itself is composed of three parts representing three different Marvel Superheroes. Each of them is an abstraction but have the hero’s signature trait so that they can still be recognizable. One of the three superheroes is Spiderman. His side features his webbed costume with the spider in the middle.


Next to him is Wolverine. Wolverine’s claws are the most significant about him; so the baker added four lumps on the side of the cake to represent knuckles and in between them were the claws.

The final hero is the Hulk. This part of the cake is perhaps the most unnerving. Apart from the green color, this side of the cake has got one very large eye with an immense eyebrow and a set of gritted teeth.

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