Batmobile – An Officially Licensed Replica Now Available!

You remember that scene where Batman gets ready to help someone when he zooms in his Batmobile from his garage, right? Apart from dreaming about being Batman yourself, have you ever dreamt of being in the Batmobile and being able to help people and look cool at the same time? Well, if you have, then here is the right product for you, and if you haven’t, then start dreaming as you might just get something even before you wish you had.

Here is a licensed replica of the Batmobile which is one of the most famous and known cars available in today’s times. The car has been built with meticulous detail and design, which indeed makes the car look like the exact same one used in the Batman movies.

Here are some of the features of the Batmobile.

The Batmobile has a brand new GM 350 crate engine that allows the car to speed up real quick, and the fiber glass body just makes the appearance of the Batmobile look better and classier. The mobile also includes a working rocket exhaust flame thrower, opening roll top dashboard doors, an automatic bat beam antenna grid, and a glowing detect-a-cope radar screen. Other features of the mobile include, push- button ignition, dash mounted DVD player, electric actuators that open the hood and the trunk, six speaker sound system, double bubble windshields, and customized leather seats.  You might have thought that this replica might not have the same features as the Batmobile that is featured in the movie, right? Well, this licensed replica is a little different as it is fully operational, worth driving on the roads with its unique and cool features that will make all heads turn when this hottie gets out!

The Batmobile looks great, highly sophisticated, and obviously comes for a high price, after all the product is something that you won’t get anywhere, since it is a unique and new item it, comes for a price of $193000icon. If you are a real Batman fan and want to collect all the collectibles available, the price won’t keep you from getting this Batmobile.

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