Mounted Cthulhu Head Watches You with Evil Eye

If you’re a fan of HP Lovecraft and his short stories, you’ll want to check out this Mounted Cthulhu Head. Although the head is plush, it does present an imposing trophy for your library, office, or bedroom.

Cthulhu is a monster out of the deepest, darkest depths of HP Lovecraft’s imagination.  And that’s pretty deep and dark.  The monster appears in several stories and is somewhat like the infamous Kraken of mythology.  Like the Kraken, Cthulhu is a merciless beastie that you definitely don’t want to meet in a dark alleyway.

This trophy presents a bit of Cthulhu (and horror genre) memorabilia that is for true fans and geeks of all stripes.  The plush trophy is a little cheesy, admittedly, and I would love to see a resin-cast trophy for the increased scare/authenticity factor. To me, the plushness of this trophy seems a little like you’ve killed a stuffed animal or a muppet.

Measuring eleven inches tall, this “head” comes “professionally” mounted, by whoever taxidermies Cthulhus.  Entertainment Earth is selling this creepy memento for $24.99 and it can be purchased online and sent directly to your home.  That might be just about the only time you’ll want to invite Cthulhu into your home.  Otherwise, you’ll be inviting shear danger into your inner sanctum.

If you’re interested in Cthulhu and other related products, you might be interested in the plush Cthulhu cellphone cover that I reviewed a little while back.   You might also be interested in something a little bit creepier, like these custom masks from the Bob Basset Studio.

For those of you that are part of the unofficial “Cult of Cthulhu” you should probably put this on your Holiday shopping list.  Then again, you may know someone that is a fan and would appreciate a trophy like this.  I’ll hold out for something cast in resin and as evil and dangerous looking as it should be.  In the meantime I’ll try and get to the bottom of this seemingly sudden resurgence in Cthulhu fanatasism.