Indiana Jones USB Flash Drive for Adventurous Geeks

Dr. Henry Walton, popularly known as Indiana Jones is probably one of the most recognizable characters in the movie industry, and this cool new Indiana Jones themed USB flash drive might share a little recognition with the great legend. Indiana Jones Flash Drive2The cool concept flash drive is the work of Ronel Van Heerden and he likes to name his creation- the USB Man- design for the geologists, now you do not have to be a geologist in reality to like Indiana Jones, almost everyone of us loves a little ride on the wild side, its just that Dr, Henry Walton likes to take it a bit more further.Indiana Jones Flash Drive4

But I think its enough about Dr. Henry Walton, lets get practical here, the flash drive is based on a lego concept of the famous Indiana Jones and the resemblance factor is quite high too, now in order to reveal the USB jack you simply have to Behead Jones, I know its a bit painful but it is at least better than the Weird Teddy Bear Flash Drive or the USB Alien With its Illuminated Tongue.Indiana Jones Flash Drive5

The cool compass and the ice axe hanging from the waist, the rugged undone beard are just some of the noticeable features on the drive, which not only make it all the more cool but more realistic as well, a job well done I must say!Indiana Jones Flash Drive3