The Steampunk Nautilus Viewer

If you love Steampunk stuff then this Nautilus Viewer is for you! It has an 18″ X 15″ X 22″ high nautilus wooden case, and has an 8 inches digital frame behind the brass porthole. Now here’s the most entertaining part – the nautilus plays an 11 minute video continuously produced by Will Rockwell.

The video is called ‘Through the Eyes of Genius’. It is basically meant to be a tribute to the nautilus and its creator. Now, this video has each and every scene of the nautilus from ’20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’ Isn’t that cool? For sure it is and right now I am quite fascinated!

Quite honestly, I have always loved Captain Nemo’s Nautilus. A huge old school submarine that can take you around the globe within minutes, it’s awesome. And now having that submarine in my hands is in itself an excitement. When I first read the science fiction novel, I wondered how cool the submarine would have looked and now I can actually see it. Although I liked the version shown in ‘The League of Gentlemen’ more, this one still does the job. Besides, it’s a Steampunk craft so it needs to look a bit rugged and old I guess. Also, the video that is played has comments by Goff about the submarine’s design. Goff is basically the designer of the submarine and in the video you will also find some still pictures of the sub models of the submarine and its influences.

Also, this Steampunk submarine consists of a lighting system that illuminates the windows, salon windows, and portholes. Salon windows are the ones present on the case. The brass wheel present on the wheels controls the interior fan and the level of both the lights. To turn on the viewer, you need to use the knife switch. The overall casing has been done in special rusted iron paint. Also, a large brass etching of the Goff blueprint of the Nautilus can be found under the view screen.

So, if you loved Captain Nemo, then this is the one thing you need to get for sure to make your fantasies come true!

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