Lola T70 bodied McKee MK3

If you are a fan of sports car, you would know about Bob McKee. He was the man who built a couple of cars back in the 60s to perform at the USSRC for Bob Johnson, who was the driver of all Bob’s cars. This car that you are seeing in the pictures was Bob’s third car ever and was built in 1965.

The car was built specifically to integrate a small block Ford, Ford 4-cam, or a big block Ford in it. Of course, with that engine inside the car it did make it go faster than ever. Now here comes the best part – history says that this car was ordered by the biggest racing legend of all time, Carol Shelby!

There shouldn’t be any doubts about the car being the best of that time. Of course, if Shelby himself ordered it, then nothing could have been much better. This car was used for a year for racing and eventually the nose broke off. So, a Lotus 18 nose was given to it by Dan Gurney. Although the car was one of the best of those times, it was soon forgotten by many right after a closed cockpit body of 1969 Lola T70 Mk3b was integrated in it in the 70s.

It is sad to know that over the years people have forgotten this car. On one side, we have race cars like the AC Cobra being revamped every now and then but on the other side we have a car like this that was a monster on the tracks in the 70s yet nobody remembers it. So, in order to make the legend come back to life, Casey Putsch took the initiative!

Here’s what happened…

Casey actually found this car in a bad condition but he was lucky enough to find Bob McKee’s shop in Chicago, and he became luckier when Bob identified his car. Casey learned about the pros of the car and decided to restore it.

Casey didn’t add anything new to the car. Instead, he restored it with the exact specifications it had back in the 70s! Casey enjoys this new old car and considers it one of his best pieces till now.

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