N-Control Avenger Accessory for Microsoft XBOX 360

The best part of playing with your Xbox 360 would be when you get a hand at the perfect and smooth control system correctly accessorized to make your functions extremely flexible. Well, brace yourself, for that’s exactly what the N-Control Avenger accessory for Microsoft XBOX 360 controller does.

The best aspect of this accessory is that the N-Control Avenger supports multi-player games by providing in all nine functions together, a perfect creation for all gamers who want to reach new height of experience, a crazy invention to make the game just perfectly smooth and easy.

Though the Xbox 360 Atari controller has hit the headlines, this adapter ensures full satisfaction guarantee, to the extent of giving back the full refund if it leaves you dissatisfied! What more can we ask for?

Try out this latest accessory with your favorite gaming zones like all action sequences, as well as Halo or Madden NFL11.  So are you wondering how it works? It’s very simple. Just attach Avenger straps on to a standard Xbox controller, which also has adjustable triggers for flexible movements of buttons along with analog sticks to adjust sensitivity of the trigger.

At the rate of just $59.99, the adapter allows gamers high speed, reaction time, discarding the need for moving thumbs or fingers to reload or change the weapons, and also comes with a tripod, making the best out of it.

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