Line 6 BackTrack: Ultimate Recording Solution For Budding Musicians

The Line 6 BackTrack, at the first sight you might wonder, “Hey! is this some kinda cool futuristic plasma gun or what?”, well the truth is that this ‘thing’ right here is a portable recorder, not cool enough for some out there but a hell lot more cooler than a plasma canon for the rockers and musicians of tomorrow!line 6 backtrack1Suppose you chance upon a tune that you think could make it to the top of the music charts in no time, but suddenly realize, hey! I don’t know a thing about penning down music on a sheet of paper, this is when the Line 6 BackTrack steps in, it easily records all your latest compositions without you even noticing it!line 6 backtrack2

The BackTrack boasts of pro-grade features like a super-quiet 1/4-inch instrument input, a 1/4-inch output for immediate playback, a “Mark” button to organize your best creation and a “Play” button for instant playback. Its better than CD audio quality, flash ruggedness and the USB 2.0 interface makes it the most versatile recorder in the industry.

The standard BackTrack can only record via its i/p jack which means its basically an instrument recorder with a battery life of 12hrs of continuous recording, and if you need something that will capture you sing and play as well then you should try the BackTrack+Mic version, it has a inbuilt mic which records everything that is audible and with an added battery life of 24hrs this is probably everyone’s best pick.

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The Line 6 Backtrack is available for only $99.99.