Paper Toys of the Legendary Musicians

Music. Does not need any definition or explanation, and when it comes to music, we like listening to all genres of music, be it old, or just released. As well all know, “old is gold” and agree that there were some great music creations in the olden times that will never possibly be made again.

Three of the famous artists from the older golden period are Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. It is very difficult to choose between these three legendary singers. They all have their own piece of work which gets better and better and one can never get tired of listening to their music. For all the Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Sammy Davis Jr. fans in the house, this product has been designed and made just for you guys, and also for all music lovers in general.

We all have heard the songs Mambo Italiano, and that’s Amore by Dean Martin, Night and Day and the Way You Look Tonight by frank Sinatra, and Hey There and New York’s My Home by Sammy Davis Jr. How we wish we could have a chance to see him perform live, right. So here is your chance, not quite literally, but this paper toys that has been designed keeping the three legendary singers in mind, will give you a feel as if they are in the room present with you, singing the song just for you.

We have seen many paper toys, but these paper toys are special and have been designed in black and white, as most of the songs of the three singers were filmed in black and white. So, it makes the toy look perfect. Also, the singer is seen holding a mic and from his expressions, you can figure out that the singer is way into his song and singing it from his heart all for you.

Although the designs for Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr are ready, the paper toy for Frank Sinatra will soon be available as it is still in the process of being designed.

So, if you are a fan of these legendary singers, and like to collect their art work, or if you like music, this is a great collectible for you as it makes a great showpiece. Collect all three of the paper toys to have all the three legendary singers in one room, with you all the time.

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Via: Toyserved