Google Voice Launches Call Recording

Recently, Gmail announced the integration of Google Voice. With this new feature, users of Gmail can now make and receive calls from their computers. But, that was not the end.

Right after the integration of Google Voice in Gmail, there was hype out there about Google introducing another option in Gmail through which users will be capable of recording inbound Google Voice calls through Gmail. Well, initially we thought it is just another rumor but it turns out to be quite right.

Numerous people on Twitter and in a recent poll are seeing the feature coming publicly. Currently some people are able to use it while some can’t. It’s a bit of a chaos created for the Gmail users for now.

The good news is that the feature will be modified a bit to make it more convenient for the users. Google Voice allows users to record calls by hitting the number ‘4’ on the keypad. But, in Gmail the new recording tab will sit right on top of the dialing pad which means it would be way more visible compared to Google Voice. Of course, once it is there everyone will notice it and use it and both the parties will get a notification of the call being recorded. Even though this is a minor modification, it sure will make our lives easier. Google always does that isn’t it? It is always tweaking its current features or introducing new ones to make things less complicated.

The only issue here is that the call recording option will still be limited to inbound calls. Another major drawback of this feature is that it won’t work on voice calls carried out between one Gmail user to another (that is if you are not using Google Voice).

There hasn’t been any official announcement from Google about this feature and we are still waiting for it. So, let’s see what Google comes up with or let’s just hope this feature is activated for everyone to use. I mean we all are desperately waiting for it aren’t we?

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Via (and image): Techcrunch