StudioTrack: Multitrack Recording App For The iPad

The Apple App Store has got a new addition, and this one is turning heads in the recording industry as well! The cool new ‘StudioTrack’ is a multitrack recording application for the iPad that integrates itself with the iPad’s built in microphone and headphones!


This app supports recording of around 8 simultaneous tracks on a very interactive multitouch mixer complete with meters, knobs and faders. The metronome includes a wide range of pro-drum recordings, while it simultaneously features a 4 band parametric EQ and a stereo-linked master compressor to help you create the perfect mix for your style.

Selling for just $39.99, you can easily get it from the App store or even iTunes! and compared to most of the professional recording and mixing consoles out there (which are usually too costly and complicated for a common man to use them), this is probably the best pick you can have for your garage band, and using the wi-fi sync option you can easily download your tracks to any desktop computer with a browser!


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