Deflexion Silicone Armor: Now You Can Be a Superhero, Too!

Trust me, you can be a superhero too with this Deflexion silicone armor. How? It’s quite simple actually. This is an armor meant to protect you from nearly everything you want to be protected from.

It is basically a new type of fabric which is soft to wear but can turn hard when someone hits you are something attacks you. But, of course it won’t give you the power to fly or dodge bullets like Superman and Batman do!

What I mean by saying that this armor can make you a superhero is simply that it can assist you in doing the chores you normally can’t. Maybe you can go street fighting wearing this armor and your buddies would be extremely amused when they try and hit you.

What is the armor all about?

Okay let me explain it further – the deflexion armor is an invention of Dow Corning. These are the guys who invented the silicone which probably is in your computers right now. Now, although this armor is made from silicone, it is polymerized into flexible silicone sheets with a very unique and distinctive molecular structure.

What happens is that the molecules within the silicone move around each other freely but as soon as they are struck with something they come together to form a solid state. This way, as soon as someone would hit you, the molecules will absorb the pressure. Tell me, isn’t that one hell of an armor? If you still are confused then check out the pictures to see how it exactly works!

By the way this is not something exclusively new. It has been done before as well with the gooey polymers. The only difference here is that the Deflexion is more like a standard fabric which is easy to wear and comfortable to move around in.

I mean you can wash it, you can breath when you wear it, it is durable and most of it can withstand extreme weather conditions making it your perfect armor for adventure travels especially. Moreover, you can also cut it down to fit your size or your preferences!

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Via: dvice