Wax-on Printer

There is an increasing desire to be more environmentally friendly, especially since we are experiencing the consequences of the pollution more than any generation before us.

Since we are getting more desperate in terms of saving the environment, businesses are starting to come out with products that are environmentally friendly, and use that as a marketing strategy.  Falling into these lines is this idea of using wax instead of ink.


This wax printer is brilliant because you won’t need to throw out any empty cartridges because the entire “ink” package is made of wax. It works basically by heating the wax onto the paper: the wax melts onto the paper and you have a completed printed piece of paper.


The concept is pretty much the same as a normal printer: the individual colours that are needed press down onto the paper in order for them to print. They use the primary colours spectrum (red, blue, and yellow) and also have just plain black. Anyone who has studied basic colour theory can figure out from here that those colours mix to make the colours that you need when you are printing.


The particular wax colours you need are lowered down and melted with heat vents. It also has a storage area designated inside the actual printer itself for spare wax clumps. What’s great about this printer design, beyond its environmental value, is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your desk like a normal printer would, which leaves room for your desk to be messy with other things. It is designed nicely, so that if you have a Mac computer, they would be compatible in terms of their sleek looks.

If this isn’t exactly the printer you are looking for, and you are still in need of a printer, you can check out this Samsung printer concept, a cool food printer, or this printer that hangs over the side of your desk.

Via: Yankodesign