Skeleton Safe: More Expensive Than What You Can Put In It

The Skeleton Safe is incredibly cool looking – and for a reason. It’s been refurbished and restored beyond its original awesomeness. The actual safe was made in Prussia, and has been restored by world-famous safe manufacturer Dottling, for a mysterious and unnamed US client.  No doubt whoever is having this thing refurbished has enough cash to do so, and enough extra cash to invest in something to put inside of it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly have anything worth putting in a safe, let alone a $341,300 dollar safe.  But, if I did have something that I needed to keep safe and secure this would be on the top of my list (price tag not withstanding).  Although it seems to me that this safe runs contrary to what you normally think of when you think of a safe, since you’d probably want to show this bad boy off.

Originally built 120 years ago, this safe has been updated with double-walled Silatec bulletproof glass and high-gloss chrome-plated locking bolts.  The exterior of the safe has been hand polished with grand piano lacquer, and the interior is”cognac-colored” goat suede.  The original safe is from the Emperor Wilhelm II time period – according to some reports.

Granted if you have the cash lying around and are interested in this piece you’ll have to contact Dottling to see if they have more than one of these in their inventory.  You’ll probably also want to round up your fifteen favorite watches, since this safe is designed to hold the said number of watches and incorporates as many watch winders.

If you’re in the market for a safe, or just enjoy restored Steampunk-ish projects you should also check out the hidden wall socket safe, or this restored 1930s KJ Henderson motorcycle.  All in all I guess this safe is just one more thing to drool over.  I’ve always been a fan of antique things, and especially anything that harkens back to the day of fancy safes. More of a skeleton fiend? Check out some awesome skeleton art.

Dear person who is having this amazing safe refurbished: kudos.  And if you get a chance, please send me one of your watches.  I love watches.  Especially old ones.  I promise not to sell it.

Via: Out of Aces