Rapportive Replaces Gmail Ads with Rich Contact Information

There’s no denying that G-mail is a godsend for all of geek kind due to its sleek interface, rapid evolution and expandability. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better and we couldn’t get any more useful tools in an already saturated social networking world, there comes the Rapportive plugin, which shows you everything about your contacts right within your inbox. Join us as we we take a closer look at a plugin which has been getting extensive social media coverage.Rapportive Preview
In addition to the basic awesomeness of Gmail, it comes with possibilities aplenty. Take Rapportive for example; a plugin that replaces the Google Ads on the right side of your conversation window with contact information extracted from social networks, from Skype and Facebook, to LinkedIn and Hi5. Now that’s convenient. After a quick and simple install as with any other Firefox add-on, all I had to do to see Rapportive in action was to open a conversation and voila! Instant hitherto unknown tidbits of information. Rapportive is currently also available for Safari, Chrome and Mailplane.

Rapportive Raplets

Rapportive itself is customizable with “Raplets”, an extension architecture that lets you expand Rapportive beyond its basic functionality with apps. There are a few raplets available already, with more to follow. Just like the Better Gmail plugin, some users might be wary of a third party plugin operating within their mailbox, but closer inspection leaves little room for worry. Upon signing up, I only had to enable access to very basic information. If you’re a privacy goon, take a peek at Rapportive’s comprehensive “Pledge of Privacy” before jumping onto the bandwagon. Once you do, it’ll be hard to live without it – you can trust us on that.

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Via: Rapportive