The Little Recording Genius: Mikey 2.0

Before the iPod touch was in the market, they made the mp3 players without any voice recorders. If you wanted something portable that could also record voice memos, you had buy a separate voice recorder and carry it about.

Not only were they one too many gadgets, but they did not provide great quality voice recording. Neither do the voice recording modes on the newest iPods. They catch the noise of the air-conditioning and you will have to begin your recording session all over again when a canary outside your window is being particularly loud. Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if there were just a tiny accessory that you could clip on to your iPod, iPhone, or any other gadget that sports a voice recording mode?

Well somebody’s heard your prayers! Brought out by ‘Blue Microphones’ the Mikey 2.0 is a recording microphone that is handy and an evolutionary leap from the first generation of Mikey itself. It successfully enhances the voice recorder that is available on the generations after the iPod touch as well as acts as the external microphone for the generations preceding it. Apart from that, it also enhances the recording mode which is usually mono on most gadgets. These recordings are weak and catch a lot of surrounding noise. With the Mikey 2.0, the recording is concentrated and along with the free app that accompanies it- the Blue FiRe, it is possible to record extremely clear, CD quality audio while having absolutely no difficulty using it at all! There are control settings that can be changed as convenient including ‘Record for’, ‘Record Until’ and setting a ‘Threshold’ level which cancels out noise level until specified frequency.

Mikey 2.0 has inherited the three gain settings from its predecessor which allows the hardware to twirl at 230 degree depending on and towards the sound source. The gadget flaunts two revolutionary, custom-tuned ‘Blue’ pods that are perfect for stereo-recording and come with a line input and USB pass-through. It can also be bent and adjusted at seven different angles, making for an impeccably smooth recording experience in any environment- be it at a noisy concert, an audio journalism session or lectures and classes.

The Mikey 2.0 not only performs, but looks amazing too. It is chic, curvaceous and portably tiny, weighing just about three ounces! It is highly advanced and is the best recording micro-apparatus that your money can get. Priced at about $69.32 and gives you a run for your money.

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