Real Skeleton Art: An Initiative Towards Peace and Tolerance

I guess one thing definitely freaks most of the men is to watch a real human skeleton, that will surely make you feel creepy and haunt you! Well, it’s not the same for Francois Robert. This awesome artist has not only studied the various forms of a human skeleton, but has made wonderful collection with the transformation of the bones’ location by reassembling them into various shapes.

Real Skeleton Art

Real Skeleton Art (6)

Here, you can scan through some intensive arts and creative strokes of what messages Francois Robert is trying to give to all humans too. Utilizing only one human skeleton, he has portrayed many shapes, as seen in the pictures, and has names all these designs as “Stop the Violence”. Each of these forms of iconic shapes measure 5 to 6 feet wide.

Real Skeleton Art (5)

Real Skeleton Art (4)

According to Francois, the reason for this inspiration of scary but beautiful concept was the fear of death. He says, “The bones are something left behind, a form of memory. I try to treat that person on my studio floor with respect.”

Real Skeleton Art (3)

Real Skeleton Art (2)

He first took apart all the bones of a human skeleton, and then rearranged them to produce a new avatar of the bones put together again, like the devastating and conflict, which is also an initiative to promote peace and tolerance. Definitely, this artwork is not an east task as he took at least hundred hours to arrange the bones into various forms, and clicked the photographs of each one as he reassembled a new one.

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skull art oil image

Thanks Jan for the tip!

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