Detailed R2-D2 Tech Specs on Poster

Everybody’s Favourite little robot is now available in fabulously detailed poster. R2-D2, like you’ve never seen him before! Alamo Drafthouse’s Mondo shop made this Star Wars poster available and prints sold out instantly.

The creative genius behind the exploded view of R2-D2 as artist and designer Kevin Tong.

The poster is appropriately titled “A Linch Pin Droid.” You can just imagine the amount of time and effort that went into designing this poster, just take a look at the detailed work and you can understand why the poster sold out at Mondotees. It was available as a 24″ by 36″ Print, and only 400 posters were printed for the first edition. Any more posters printed and it would probably have caused a copyright problem, but so far it managed to stay under the Lucas radar.

Kevin warmed many a Star Wars fan’s heart when he revealed that he kept true to the original Trilogy while designing the poster. He watched the movies over and over, rewinding and pausing more than once in order to get all the technical aspects right. His inspiration was that many fans would be able to look at poster, see how R2 D2 was put together in all its technical glory, and hopefully reminisce on all the many times when our favourite little Robot saved the galaxy.

Even though the poster only shows R2 D2’s outer parts, the parts we actually see on screen, it is still the most impressive poster I’ve ever seen. The artist really stayed true to the design, from all angles what you see on the poster, is R2 D2 and nothing else. He didn’t add any imaginary parts or components, like so many other prints out there.

Now there are many Star Wars inspired posters, prints and memorabilia out there. This is is without a doubt my favourite of them all. For the simple reasons that it is true to the original design, it is striking; and I can appreciate the amount of effort the artist went to create this masterpiece.


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Via: BoingBoing