This LED Watch Brings the Nightlife to Your Wrist

With cell phones becoming more and more ingrained in our society, the use of watches has really been toned down. With the ever present clocks available on our phones, not to mention the fact that they adjust themselves, watches have nearly become a modern artifact.

Part of the problem could be the design of most modern day watches. Few modern Rolex’s cater to the fast paced youth of today. But, the answer to this problem isn’t coming from Rolex but rather the Kisai Transit LED Watch.

For starters the word LED is present. As most of our phones and other devices use LED technology this could be a start in the right direction already. But, this LED watch doesn’t just display digits in a generic fashion that you’re probably used to seeing. It presents a bit of a more futuristic take on things.

Kisai Transit LED Watch

The first thing that most will notice are the neon lights cover the entire watch face. These blue, orange and green lights aren’t only for show though. They actually present the time of day. It may be hard to understand, so let me explain.

The blue neon lights represent the hour. The numbers (1-12) are positioned near the edges of the watch face, very similar to the way a normal watch works. But, here’s where things get a little crazier. The orange lights represent the minutes but not every single minute. Only multiples of five appear on the orange line while the single digits below five (1-4) appear on the green neon line. This means that you’ll simply have to add the single digits and the multiple of five to get the current minute. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen some unorthodox presentation from Kisai watches though.

Kisai LED Watch face

This Kisai Transit LED Watch may boast looks as its crux but its 1 month of battery life could just be a feature even more impressive. Now, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to buy a new battery every thirty days as this modern watch features a USB port that allows you to charge it from your PC. That’s a fantastic feature that is sure to save you some money and hassle.

So, what will a watch that simulates nightlife right on your wrist cost you? It’s no $18,000 skull watch but it’s no child’s toy either. This Kisai Transit LED Watch will cost consumers¬†$93.79.

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