JAMBOX: Crisp Clear & Stylish Sound

JAMBOX, the latest in portable Hi-Fi  audio speakers, can literally be describes as a “small package, big sound.” It produces enough high and low frequencies for you to feel the sound thudding through your bones and marrow.

Small enough to hold in the palm of one hand, big enough to fill large rooms with 85 decibels of sound, it is sure to blow your figurative sock straight off. Keep in mind that 85 decibels produces more sound than city traffic in rush hour or even a motorcycle…


It is wireless, dock-less and hassle free, so you can take it practically anywhere; enjoying streaming music and podcasts on the go. Simply carry it with your, or put it in your bag. No more hassle with using your phone for your sound fix. The sound quality far surpasses anything a puny phone speaker can produce; leaving you to use your phone for what it was intended in the first place: updating your tweets or browsing the web. And making calls, of course. To get optimal usage from your JamBox, simply sync it with Jawbone’s MyTalk platform to download software upgrades and updates, as well as compatible applications. You can personalize and customize the JamBox to your heart’s content.


Say NO to bad sound quality, say NO to music tracks that sound like they were recorded from an scratched LP, and say NO to mobile phones with bad reception letting you down when you need to make or take an important call but can’t hear a word the person on the other end is saying. JamBox’s built in microphone is so powerful, it delivers crisp and clear calls, regardless of where you are. Using your JamBox for Skype, Fring, Google Talk or any other VOIP service would make you wonder how you ever survived without it. The ten hours of continuous play will keep you satisfied for the better part of the day, or night, giving you a few extra hours’ worth of media vibrancy and sound engineering brilliance.


Besides all the technical inner workings of the JamBox, it looks good too. It is beautifully designed, stylishly fashioned in a range of hip colors and will be a technological work of art on your office desk or shelf. It has a stainless steel outer casing and industrial-weight rubber casing, making it so much more than just a pretty face too.

Sturdy, wireless, beautifully crafted, with sound quality to blow your socks off. What more could you wish for your Christmas Tree? For similar exquisitely crafted products, I’m sure you would find our articles on the AirCurve Play – Amplifying Sound without Batteries or Electricity, the Rocky Sound System and the One Device To Bring Road Tripping and Music Together highly informative.

Via: JawBone