Optimus Prime Ice Sculpture: The ‘Coolest’ Transformer Of All Time

What do you do when you end up with a big block of ice in your backyard? You create a super cool, super huge ice sculpture of Optimus Prime!

Ice Transformers1

Antti Pedrozo along with his Dutch friend Michel de Kok, couldn’t quite figure out what to do with the huge block of ice that somehow mysteriously ended up in their workshop, so instead of chilling out and having a huge party like I would have done, they decided to do something even cooler, they picked up their precision tools and set to work.

Ice Transformers2

After, probably hours of hard work they had finally completed their master piece- a super cool ice sculpture of Optimus Prime that stands almost three times taller than themselves and features some really intricate detail lines that you might not even find in your standard action figures!

Ice Transformers3

And you know what? Christmas is just around the corner, so maybe some of us can ditch the Snowman this year and try something similar, and if things do not go well as planned you could just get one of these- A balloon version of Optimus Prime or the even cooler recycled steel Optimus Prime and steampunk Optimus Prime.

Ice Transformers4

Ice Transformers5