Starcraft Pocket Watch Design Brings the Future to You

So as we all know, in the grim darkness of the Starcraft Future, there is only war (yes yes, I know, originally from 40k, but it still applies). Inspired by the concept, one crafty Tokyo Flash visitor created this Starcraft Pocket Watch design.Even in the future it looks like you’ll still need a way to tell time, and if you’ve seen the Starcraft 2 cinematics, you might remember a scene where Arcturus pulls out an old school pocket watch to check the time.

As you can see, there really isn’t all that much new fangled doo hickeys here. It brings about more of a steampunk esque feel that still manages to look badass. Of course to me, it also looks suspiciously like a bomb timer, so I’d probably avoid taking this on trips where you need to pass through airport security. Somehow I don’t think “But it’s a starcraft watch design!” will hold up under interrogation. Then again, they’d probably just let it slide through anyway. The big ol’ bomb looking letters show the minutes, while the green and yellow LED lights (12 in all) show the hour. I’m sure even if you’re not a Starcraft fan, per se, there would still be plenty to like if you’re a fan of steampunk gadgetry.

Of course Tokyo Flash is no stranger to futuristic or at least crazy flashy watch designs. This¬† Phosphor E-ink Watch manages to pull off a sleek new look, for example. If I worked in retail I’d have to get me one of these barcoded watches, too. It’d make for a good conversation piece with the customers, I’m sure. Then again, who wants to talk to those grumpy Christmas gift shoppers spending more money than they can afford anyway.

Via: Tokyo Flash