Khet Laser Board Game Puts a New Twist on Chess

No matter what technology produces, one form of entertainment will remain timeless. For centuries, board games have held the title of perfect pastime. And, while the games seem perennial in their current form, combining technology with a classic formula could just produce a unique new experience.

The Khet Laser Board Game hopes to give players a new twist on a familiar formula. Two players play this Egyptian themed board game. One takes command of the red pieces while the other commands the white. Players are given a “pharaoh” piece, obelisks pieces and pyramid pieces. Each turn players must protect their pharaoh piece while moving other pieces around the board. Sure, this sounds a lot like chess but it quickly becomes apparent that this is no chess.

Khet Board Game

Khet’s distinguishing characteristic is its inclusion of lasers. These lasers beam out of the sides of the game board and shoot towards the players’ pieces. Certain pieces, like the pyramid pieces, include mirrored edges that reflect the laser beam. Each player must position their pieces so that when the laser beam is launched, it will reflect off of their pieces and hit an opponent’s piece. After each move the player must press their red button (to shoot the laser), which is located in their corner of the game board. Once a piece is hit by the laser, the piece is eliminated from the game and can no longer be used. Pieces can contain one, two or no mirrored sides.

Khet Board Game and Box

The Khet Laser Board Game is a two player game only and should only be played by those who are nine years old and up. You’ll need four AAA batteries to get Khet up and running. Khet is currently being priced at $34.95 so it’s not exactly the cheapest buy around.

Khet Board Game In Action

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