How To Make Star Wars Snowflakes from Paper

Star Wars geeks in this holiday season would love to find ways to decorate their homes for Christmas and still keep the spirit of Star Wars intact, so here is a cool idea that brings forth a Star Wars paper Snowflake of a few major

[UPDATE]: New, bigger list with revised Snowflakes here: DIY: The Awesome Star Wars Snowflakes.

star wars snowflake darth vader papercraft

These cool papercraft snowflakes are easy for every Geek to create, and the shapes can vary based on the desire of the Star Wars geek or otherwise. For those who are fans of the ultimate Sith Lord, you can make your own Darth Vader Snowflakes, for the cult followers, the Bounty Hunter Boba Fett is also a possibilty, along with the Clone Trooper.

star wars snowflake boba fett papercraft

If you wish to make your very own decorative Star Wars Papercraft Snowflakes for this Christmas, follow all the instructions from Dancell which cover the folding, unfolding and proper cutting.

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star wars snowflakes papercraft diy