Safeguarded Lock Elevates Your Bike to Safety

Bikes are more high tech and advanced than they ever were; just ask a bike enthusiast. As bikes increase in value, so does the need to secure them from prying hands. If you lock one part of the bike, some other part gets stolen. That won’t be a problem anymore if this prototype reaches the market and passes health and safety tests.Bike Up a Lamp PostNow and then, the great geek minds at play come up with something innovative that provides a solution to a longstanding problem, at least in theory. Conrad is a German company which according to the website description is an “online shop for technology, electronics and innovative ideas. The “sichertes fahrradschloss” or the safeguarded bike lock to the monolinguals amongst you, is a contraption which attaches to your bike and any lamp post or pole-like structure of adequate thickness. The bike lock then climbs up the lamp post and suspends your bike at the top, keeping it out of reach of thieves and opportunists.

Bike Lock

Don’t get your hopes up just yet though, the lock is only a prototype at this point. I would imagine that such a device would require a lot of rigorous testing, and there’s also the issue of planning for adverse eventualities, such as the battery running out or short-circuiting while your bike is up there. Furthermore, there is also a health and safety side to it. Not all cities have the architecture to sustain hanging bikes everywhere.

All issues aside, this is indeed a unique concept. Check out the video to see the contraption in action. Seek to 1:20 to skip directly to the concept ad. The lock is fairly large, once you stuff it into your bag, there’ll be room for little else.

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Via: Asylum