Viber App Makes iPhone to iPhone Calling Free

Viber is the latest free iPhone app now available in the App Store that allows you to make 100% unlimited free calls to other Viber users over a WiFi or 3G / Edge data connection.

For iPhone users that are used to paying for higher-priced minutes deals, Viber just might be the solution to a lower monthly voice payment. All Viber features are 100% free (including international calls), and the calling itself is incredibly high quality.

Install the free app on your iPhone, provide just your phone number (no “registration” is necessary) and then fire it up. Viber uses your existing contact and favorites list, and you can make Viber or standard voice calls from within the app; naturally, a Viber logo pops up beside any contact who is also a user, making it easy to see who you can VoIP call for free.

The user does not need to be online because even if the app is closed and not running in the background, you can still receive calls through the service. This feature makes Viber far better than its competition in the App Store, including Skype. Other great features include missed call notifications, no usernames or passwords, no buddy lists (just contacts), and it’s free of ads.

Amazingly, Viber is just getting started. SMS and an Android version are both on the way, and according to Viber’s iTunes page, more ringtones (and custom ones), wallpapers, location based services and more are all coming soon. The app is also expected to get iPad and iPod Touch support in the near future.

Need a lower monthly phone bill on AT&T? There’s now an app for that.

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via iTunes, iTD