Square: Convenient Currency Transaction

The nature of currency has changed over the ages starting from the barter system, to printed paper money, and to the modern day ‘plastic’ money in the form of credit and debit cards. The way currency is exchanged has changed too. Goods and other things were exchanged for services during the barter system, then cash stated to exchange hands, and now you have cards being swiped in stores.

Square allows users to accept and make credit card payments with a simple card reader attached to a mobile device. No need for any machines, hardware, or telephone lines. A card reader and a mobile device is all that is needed.

Plastic money is convenient to carry around but it has its share of problems. Security is a key issue, and there have been instances where credit cards have been duplicated and used for fraudulent purposes. Another minor irritant is that the transaction is blocked sometimes due to faulty machines or connecting cable lines.

The creative team behind Square has designed the payment tool to simplify transactions. The payment tool works in simple, efficient, and uncomplicated manner. A card reader needs to be first plugged in to a mobile device such as a smart phone or even a tablet PC.

Next, the amount that needs to be paid is keyed into the device. The credit card of the customer is then swiped across the card reader in a smooth steady manner. An electronic receipt is generated and the customer can sign for the receipt via the touch sensitive screen on the mobile device. The entire transaction can be completed in matter of minutes without having to wait for the machine or the cable lines to work.

Simplicity of transaction is one key advantage of the Square card-reader payment mode. Another advantage is that of security. The new age payment tool has been carefully designed to meet PCI security standards. Sensitive information is protected by encrypting them and only the strictest cryptographic protocols are used when transferring data.

The best part of Square is that the entire system is absolutely free to install on your smart phones or tablet PCs. A nominal fee is charged for the transactions. Compared to the competition, which has contract fees setups and many other charges, Square is highly economical to use.

Square marks an evolutionary change in the nature of currency: From credit cards to digital money. For more information, visit Squareup.com.

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