Upcoming PS3 Update 3.55 fights Jailbreaking

Playstation has just announced the upcoming PS3 Firmware Update 3.55 which will include a minor security patch…most likely to fight Jailbreaking and Piracy. ps3 3.55 firmware update

A number months ago, an actual PS3 Jailbreak was released, which included an external dongle to allow the back up and storing of actual titles on an external hard drive. While Sony Playstation has began its battles by not allowing access to such external devices (and more), hackers have found a way around. What can we say? when there is a will, there is a way; the perfect example would be the ongoing iPhone Jailbreaking and Unlocking which continues in the Cat and Mouse game.

As of now, Playstation has only mentioned the release of the PS3 3.55 Firmware Update but has not updated their download section or provided actual specifications of whether this firmware includes anything else besides a ‘minor security patch’.

What are your thoughts on the Playstation 3 Jailbreaking subject? Should Sony leave it alone, fight fire with fire or do you have any other ideas?