The Darth Vader Spatula & Pancake Mold

It was the mid of 1880s. Horatio Spatula had just immigrated to the United States. It was a time when people flipped eggs and frosted cakes with the help of just household stuff. A day tested Horatio’s patience, when he used the handle of a broom to flip his ‘easy over’ eggs. He knew that there ought to be a much better way when his frustration had crossed the limits. His wife agreed and passed on a coal scuttle to him. Well, this idea actually worked fine but when he tried frosting a cake using the same, he started knocking things off the counter. So make it work in a much enhanced and better way, he chopped it in half. Later he trimmed down the size even more, which looked a lot like today’s spatula.

Since Horatio was an enterprising person, he took it to a notable, Eli Walton, in order to market it. But how much ever Horatio tried convincing him, he did not agree to the idea of marketing the spatula. Later, Horatio even approached Thomas Edison and George Eastman, only to receive the same answer. But this did not disappoint Horatio. Instead he went from town to town, sermonizing on the spatula’s gospel, and as he did so, a spatula was left behind as gift. Well, soon word spread. The awesome innovative tool that can be used to flip eggs and frost cakes – the Spatula! Ultimately, Horatio Spatula abridged what ‘a kitchen without its spatula is like.’ He said, “a day without doughnuts is like a day without pork rinds.”

Also, the present day is a time when the Star Wars series are gaining reigning popularity. So who would not love to personalize their spatulas themed of Star Wars? Well, Williams – Sonoma has done just that. It has brought out a Darth Vader spatula in addition to their Star Wars cookie cutters and pancake moulds.

Be it flipping eggs or pancakes or frosting cakes to be baked, any Star Wars fan as well as cook, is going to love this official Star Wars spatula that carries the trait of the frightening Darth Vader. Its head is made of nylon and silicone and hence will prevent itself from scratching the non stick pans. What is great about this head is that it is very flexible. Next is the handle that is made of stainless steel. It is sleek and thus the user gets a fine grip over it. Another unique feature about this Star Wars spatula is that it is dishwasher safe. But it is instructed as to not to use the spatula at a temperature above 400 degree Fahrenheit. At a length of ten and a half feet, it is a made in china product.

For $12, this spatula is a definitely cute one and you can use it to flip the pancakes or cookies molded out of the Star Wars pancake moulds and cookie cutters. With such stuff to accessorize your kitchenware, cooking and baking is sure going to get real fun now !

I am quite impressed with this gadget. In fact, while going through the site I found few more interesting gadgets – Donut Kitchen Gadget and Amazing Pizza Cutters that one would like to buy.

Via: Topless Robot